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Torrent Silviculture was started in 2006 by Davin Green. We work primarily in the Cariboo region in the heart of British Columbia. We believe in providing a solid foundation for people of all ages and experience levels. Working in a safe and timely fashion is of the greatest importance to us. Taking pride in your work and a job well done while having a good time is what its all about. While Torrent was primarily a tree planting company it has evolved over the past 13 years to provide opportunities for people looking to do more in the forest industry than just plant trees.

Torrent Services

Online Training

Employees are required to complete online training prior to arriving at the worksite. Employees must have a passing grade of 80% or higher to be qualified.

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Treeplanters are required to come to work with their own equipment, all planters must come with their own boots, planting bags, day bag and shovel.

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About Us

Planting has been my life. It has given me the freedom to pursue all my other interests for the last 30 some years including skiing, school and..

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Meet The Team

Meet the key people that make Torrent Silviculture the company that it is today.

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Providing more stable, consistent income with more possibilities.

All levels of age and experience


e believe that diversity is key to learning. New workers are integral for the industry and incorporating them into our company provides sustainability for future seasons.

Nothing speaks like experience though, from sharing tips to understanding dangerous situations experienced workers are a valuable asset. In having this variety we hope that everyone can learn something new.

Silviculture throughout the years has been seen as somewhat of a college/ university students job, providing high paying work during the summer months to pay ones way while getting an education. While we support this idea and see the importance of helping to fund the biologists, doctors, lawyers etc. of the world, we also understand that that is not everyone’s “cup of tea” per say.

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